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Dangerous Relationship Between The Boss and His Subordinates

Dangerous Relationship Between The Boss and His Subordinates (2019)

29,725  0   60m | Full HD | 01 July 2019 | Japan | Drama , Romance
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Episode 1: Misaki who became pregnant soon after entering. Takumi, who is the branch manager, will take his place as a separate person to receive maternity leave. Takumi was shocked at the news of the pregnancy of a new employee, but she began to inquire about her opponent. In fact, she was the one she had always loved since she entered the company, so Misaki’s pregnancy was a big shock to him. In the meantime, Misaki declares an abrupt release to Takumi, and since Misaki likes him, she starts attracting Takumi for the first time and finally wants to make a relationship. Takumi, who has always wanted this moment, goes to her hotel room and sends a hot night. Episode 2: The thing that I tried to do well in the company is that the result is not good and the direct supervisor Aito takes responsibility. Lina is very grateful and sorry to have met her on behalf of her teammates, but Lina listens to her advice about social life after work and tries to drink together. How much did she have to drink? Eto, who has been upset, asks her a nasty question, and even in a hilarious way, Rina does not panic and gets more jokes. I think that I can not get to know you. Episode 3: Megumi, who came on a business trip with Yamato, finishes his work and taps on his ambitious night’s visit to his room. Yamato, who had been finishing the work, recommended Megumi to wine and chatted for a while, but Megumi, who had a different mind to Yamato, starts to reveal the inside out. Yamato, who is unaware of the momentum of Megumi, who thinks that this may be the last time, is passed on to her temptation, and she too can not resist the excitement and begins to caress every corner of her body, captivated by passion. As Megumi said, it may be a chance not to come again, so they love each other hotly. Episode 4: Suddenly Suzuki came together with Kaito in celebration of Kaito’s birthday. She speaks with him in a sincere manner and reveals her love story and her ideal. I also have experience of meeting older people like Kaito, and there are lots of memories, colorful experiences and memories that I had at that time. So I see Kaito in front of my boss as an object of appeal, that is, a man who is not a boss at work, but Kaito can not be distracted by Suzuki’s temptation while worrying about his personal relationship with his staff.

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